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If you are suffering from chronic migraines or other debilitating pain that has not responded to other treatments, contact Roar Associates to learn about trigger point therapy in Coto De Caza! Our practice is ready to help you find the relief you need with gentle and effective care.

Trigger Point Therapy in Coto De Caza

Our dentist in Coto De Caza uses his knowledge of the trigger points that cause pain to decompress the muscle and alleviate your pain. This treatment can be done using cold or hot massage, laser therapy, stretching, and exercise, or even by injecting anesthesia into the problem area. By relieving the pressure on your nerves, your jaw can once again relax into its correct position, eliminating pain and headaches. With regular appointments for trigger point therapy, most patients are able to avoid the need for more complex treatments in the future. Some patients even find that their jaw pain is completely eliminated after a single visit.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Coto De Caza

If you think you may suffer from sleep apnea, our dentist in Coto De Caza will conduct a thorough oral exam and consultation. He will examine your mouth to look for any signs of extreme wear on your teeth or jaw. Your teeth will also be checked for signs of grinding and clenching, which can further aggravate symptoms and lead to damaged teeth and restorations. During your consultation, you can discuss any symptoms of sleep apnea with our dentist in Coto De Caza. He may ask a series of questions to further diagnose your condition and give you a better understanding of your symptoms and what’s causing them.

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