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The practitioners at Roar Associates are trained to locate and treat your trigger points to relieve your pain and improve your overall oral health. In addition to eliminating the painful symptoms associated with trigger points, our dentist in San Clemente can determine the underlying cause of the trigger point and work to correct it.

Trigger Point Therapy in San Clemente

Before our dentist in San Clemente completes his treatment plan, he may find a few sensitive areas in your mouth that are causing you pain. These painful areas are called “trigger points.” When your muscles contract and tighten around these sensitive areas, it can create sharp pains or dull aches that radiate to other areas of the body.

Our dentist in San Clemente will use his tools to apply pressure to these trigger points to allow the muscles to relax and the tenderness to subside. You may be asked to breathe deeply as your dentist massages these areas. You may also be given some stretches to do at home to help the muscles relax and prevent future irritation.

Most patients find trigger point therapy to be very comfortable, especially when done by a professional. Our dentist in San Clemente will discuss all of your options with you before getting started to ensure that you are absolutely comfortable before beginning treatment. If sensitivity does occur during treatment, we will slow down or stop in order to keep you as relaxed as possible.

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