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Looking for a dentist in San Juan Capistrano to get your temporomandibular joint disorder treatment? We are here for you! The temporomandibular joint or jaw joints are complex structures that connect the lower jaw to the skull. These joints work together when you eat, speak and chew. When something goes awry with the function of these joints, this is when it is referred to as TMJ disorder.

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When the muscles of the jaw or the joints themselves become inflamed due to stress, the cartilage may wear down over time or become damaged. When it’s worn down, the joint becomes painful when moved. However, if the cartilage is injured, it may swell and become extremely uncomfortable and painful to use. In both cases, this causes you to alter your jaw movements to avoid discomfort. This leads to malocclusion, which is an uneven bite that often results in pain. When the teeth don’t come together properly to chew food, it can cause significant irritation of the surrounding tissues in the mouth, leading to gum recession and even tooth loss. So it is essential to visit our dentist in San Juan Capistrano on time!

The causes of TMJ include genetics, arthritis, bruxism, grinding your teeth at night, poor posture, and even pregnancy. Are you experiencing symptoms of TMJ disorder? Schedule an appointment with our dentist in San Juan Capistrano! We’ll assess your symptoms and help you determine the cause. We’ll also recommend the best treatment and prevention plan for your needs.

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