In-Office Scans

In-Office Scans

In-office scans are cutting-edge technology that eliminates the need for traditional messy impressions. Instead of using gooey materials to take molds off your teeth, we now have the ability to scan your mouth and create accurate 3D models digitally.

How Do In-Office Scans Work?

Using a specialized handheld wand or intraoral scanner, we will gently move it around your mouth, capturing detailed images of every angle and surface of your teeth. These images are then transformed into digital files that can be used to design and fabricate custom-made devices. The process is quick, comfortable, and incredibly precise. There's no more gagging on impression trays or waiting for them to set. With in-office scanning, you can say goodbye to those uncomfortable moments in the chair!

What Are the Benefits of In-Office Scans?

  1. One of the biggest benefits of in-office teeth scanning for crowns is the elimination of messy impressions. No more sticky, messy, and uncomfortable goop-filled trays that can trigger gag reflexes! With this advanced technology, a digital scan of your teeth is taken using a handheld wand-like device. It's quick, painless, and incredibly accurate.

  2. Another advantage is the time-saving aspect. Traditional methods require pouring up the impressions which may create some inaccuracies, The digital files are sent directly to the lab and it could be started immediately, avoiding the transfer time to the lab.

  3. In addition to being convenient and efficient, these scans also provide highly detailed images that allow for precise measurements and customization. There is less likely distortion that comes from the materials used for the models. Because everything is done digitally, there is less room for error or miscommunication. The accuracy of these scans ensures optimal results every time.

Embrace this modern approach to care in a more comfortable and efficient experience!

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